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“I always look forward to Stacie’s massages because each time is slightly different based on her intuitive feeling as to what my body needs… her many skills always insure great results!” JD ~ Santa Barbara, CA

“Stacie’s massages have always been amazing. She is very strong and has an uncanny ability to know right where to dig in! I had an episode of terrible pain, associated with a kidney stone, she gave me a treatment with the tuning forks and my pain dramatically subsided. The following day after the next treatment, I was fine and no more kidney stone. The Doctor had wanted me to spend over $1,000 on a CAT scan which would have done nothing to alleviate the kidney stone, or the pain. She’s an excellent healer!” Claudia ~ Santa Barbara, CA

“Stacie is an amazing healer which is demonstrated in the massage work that I have experienced over the past several years. She uses intuition, a variety of techniques and the energy which flows through her loving heart that touches and heals. I highly recommend her.” Sharon Gardner, Energy medicine Practitioner and LifeChoices Counselor www.sgconnects.com

“Stacie Clenet is an incredible body worker and healer who addresses mind, body, and spirit to deliver outstanding results of revitalization and vibrant health. Her energy & nurturance provide a safe environment. Her connection to higher energies is an incredible gift. During one of my sessions, Stacie guided me through a visualization that released a knot in my shoulder. As the energy opened up, my hands felt like they were on fire. After the session, my creativity opened up, I felt 100 pounds lighter, and was full of inspiration, and joy.” Meg B ~ Santa Barbara, CA

“Stacie is amazing at what she does. I was fortunate enough to receive 2 massages in a week while on a retreat in the Fiji Islands! I have had chronic back strain and some shoulder issues that Stacie was able to address and relieve. She is personable, knowledgeable, strong and focused. I felt like I was dancing on clouds when she was done.” KE ~ Orange County, CA

“Stacie’s massage sessions literally changed my life. She was able to detect what I needed most, not only in the massage session, but also changes I needed to make in my life. She is beyond intuitive. Thanks Stacie!” LP ~ Santa Barbara, CA

“I had the luck of sailing with Stacie around the Greek islands a few years back. Having had a herniated disc for more than five years I could not believe the effect of her massage on my back. She treated my back in a way that no other professional physiotherapist or massage expert ever has done. I currently have in mind a great deal of friends that would wish Stacie travelled more often to Greece for revitalization massage sessions!!!” YK ~ Athens, Greece

“Having a massage with Stacie is an amazing experience. She intuitively knows where to work to, bring healing and balance to my whole being. I love her touch; it allows my body to let go and release. The tuning forks are incredible and add so much to the experience. I experience increased well-being every time I work with her. I highly recommend getting body work from Stacie.” Julie N ~ Santa Barbara, CA

“I have know Stacie for 6 years and from the first time she ever put her healing hand on I knew there was something very special about her skills. I am an engineer and at that time I was not a believer in the healing powers of a person. But after Stacie worked on me over the years there was been a shift in my thinking and even my understanding of people. I still have not found any one that I compares to Stacie.” SD ~ Santa Barbara, CA

“Stacie Clenet has been my hometown masseuse for over 3 years, though in my travels I get massages 4-6 times annually that allow me to compare the offerings of other practitioners.  When I have my monthly appointment with Stacie, it far surpasses the physical massage.  Although her body wisdom encompasses many years of expertise in the intensive cranio-sacral and deep-tissue work a middle-aged triathlete/half-marathoner like me requires, the truest term for her work on me would be “energetic renewal”.  With a profound intuitive gift, each time I walk in, Stacie “gets” where I am emotionally and physically before I even hit the table.  Her studio’s art and aura is more than just tranquil; it is powerfully rejuvenating.  Stacie gives her heart and soul to the interaction.  In a world of transitory distractions, she provides a concentrated, custom created “whole-self” realignment.”  – Tom McKean, Montecito